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Qscan Mini Turnstile and Kiosk Wiegand 12V Imager

Ble1 Bluetooth/Prox Reader

Sproxjx Tri-Technology Reader (barcode / mag / prox)

QscanT Turnstile reader Wiegand 12V Imager with prox and 13.5 Mhz

Magbar DC

Portable and fixed-mount combination Barcode and Magnetic Stripe reader for Data Collection.



The Magbar DC is a portable barcode/magnetic stripe reader with internal memory. Scanned data is saved in memory and can be uploaded to a PC at any time. This reader is designed for applications such as scanning at entrance gates, attendance tracking, as well as other applications. The reader has a built-in time clock for stamping each transaction with the date and time, and can detect duplicate reads. The reader can operate from a 9-volt battery for a few hours, or operate continually using a supplied AC adaptor. Models are available for use with an external 9-volt battery (or AC adaptor), with an internal battery, or both (internal battery and AC adaptor). Units are also available as fixed-mount readers.


Magnetic Stripe   Track 2, Tracks 1&2, or Tracks 2&3, lo/hi co
Scanning Speed   3-30 ips (7-76 cm/sec)
Scan Direction   bi-directional
Symbologies   Code39, 2/5, I2/5, C128, UPCA, EAN13, Codabar
Resolution   7 mil
Read Height   0.4"(1cm) standard, 0.465" optional
Good Read Beep   programmable
Memory   128K standard, 512K optional
Slot Width   0.050"(1.2mm). Other widths upon special request
Indicators   2 leds (programmable)
Light Source   630nm visible, 940nm infrared
Temperature   -40c to +85c
Dimensions   4.6"L x 2.4"W x 1.4" H (11.6cm x 6cm x 3.5cm)
Weight   6 ounces
Material   black polycarbonate (Noryl optional)
Power   5VDC(150ma), 8-15VDC, or 15-30VDC
Standard Wiring   3' (91cm) cable w/flying leads or connectors depending on interface
Display   optional 8-character alpha for time display
Battery Time (portable)   Approximate 4 hours with alkaline 9-volt battery
POE to strike   12vdc, max 500ma normally open
Available Interfaces:   RS232, RS422, TCP/IP, USB
    Portable versions availble with RS232 or USB only

Visible or Infrared Optics
1 or 2 tracks
-40c to +85c operation
Reads Kronos Cards
Available with POE

5,12, or 24VDC
8-char alpha display
512K memory
0.400" or 0.465" read height
#6 or 3mm mounting
Side or Rear wiring
Power over Ethernet
Noryl (chemical resistant)
Portable (9 volt battery)

Mounting Kit
Cable for external 9-volt battery (portable version)
Communications cable (portable version)
AC Adapter (portable version)

IBC software    
STA V9.4    
Ibctest  (recommended)    
For detailed software information visit the Software Page.