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The IBC Virtual Tour





























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The IBC Virtual Tour








































The IBC Virtual Tour




































The IBC Virtual Tour







































Corporate Relations

Employee Ed Bagel (coffee in hand) greets visitors to IBC Corporate Headquarters.  


Ed Wheeler explains the functional workings of the shipping department. States Ed "I love this department because it is a good place to hide my M&M's where nobody will ever find them".  


IBC uses the latest in modern industrial equipment for its' materials handling. In this photo, employee Ed Bishop moves a slot reader out of the production area to go to final test and inspection. Ed has just completed his 25th year with IBC.  

Quality Assurance

After performing a stress test on a slot reader [top], employee Ed Mckenna prepares for the impact test [bottom]. In case you're wondering whose car this is, it belongs to employee Ed Nadeau, and is a 1982 Volvo.  


Accounting Manager Ed Mcdougall processes customer payments for the week.  


In 1996, IBC upgraded its' facilities to full robotic production. In this photo, Technician Ed Litton makes minor adjustments to one of the robots on the shop floor.



During a daily tour of the IBC museum, employee Ed Greer shows interested visitors the inner workings of the control panel for the SSLOT-AAA, IBC's first bar code reader introduced in 1963.  


Sanitation department employee Ed Meyers stops for a photo after assisting Shipping department employee Ed Wheeler (not in photo) in finding new hiding spots for his M&M's.  


Mailroom manager Ed Wallace greets an employee picking up mail. States Ed, "I really get into my work".  


With electric screwdriver in hand, software department employee Ed Chambers prepares to destroy his last remaining Windows Vista PC. States Ed "These parts will bring good dollars on the black market. Concerning Vista, well, I'm going back to XP".  

Shareholder's Meeting

Shareholders line up for the annual Shareholders Meeting escorted by Customer Relations manager Ed Bagel (coffee in hand).  


Customer Support manager Ed Worf discusses the capabilities of IBC's new Smart Card product line with a prospective customer.  


During a visit to IBC's Corporate Headquarters, The Smart Slot J development team poses for this shot, along with Software Developer Ed Chambers.  

Employee Benefits

Ed Bagel, Customer Relations, shows off his new Maserati which he received in 1996 as "Employee of the Year". Ed recently competed in the american "Mille Miglia" in Montana with an average speed of 214MPH. Ed stated he could have made better speed but had some difficulty reaching the pedal.  


IBC's Collections Department uses the latest in modern collections techniques, boasting a 100% recovery rate. This year, the Collections Division hails to be the most profitable division of IBC, attaining its' goal through a combined effort of asset recovery and resale,in cooperation with its' eastern european used car sales subsidiary.  

Celebrity Days

1998 was a memorable year as IBC employees were visited by The Men in Black as part of IBC's Celebrity Days. Brandishing heat-seeking laser guns, The MIB gave a demonstration to employees in the corporate foyer. Unfortunately, none of the employees present at the demonstration remember being there.  

Iceberg Day

Every year IBC employees and family travel to a cool location to celebrate Iceberg Day. Last year's event was held in Greenland.  


Groundskeeper Ed Grass and Chief Engineer Ed Bogue test drive a new 2-stroke lawnmower on the grounds.