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718 Data Converter

Fully programmable data converter for access systems, with Usb interface.


The 718 converter is a user programmable converter which will convert any of the following formats:  magnetic stripe (tracks 1 & 2), wiegand (standard, alphanumeric, and aba weigand), serial, wand emulation, and f2f. Up to 250 bits can be processed for both inputs and outputs. 

The converter has two inputs and two outputs. One of the inputs supports either track 1 magstripe, track 2 magstripe, or standard wiegand. The other input supports Usb serial. For Rs232 support, see the model 716 converter. Each input is programmed separately and operates independently of the other.

The converter supports full masking and reorganization of data from both input ports. It can change the organization of wiegand bit streams, insert or override site codes, ID numbers, issue codes, and constants. Both MSB modes and LSB modes are supported. Additionally, characters, numbers, or bits can be deleted, inserted, or extracted from any received data prior to transmission. Parity checking can also be enabled for the purpose of reading standard legacy wiegand cards in both directions.

In addition to the conversions which are available, the 716 can also dump received data through the serial port, bit by bit. This is a useful function for debugging or identifying the bit streams from proximity and magstripe cards. 

Serial-to-serial masking, and preprocessing functions to support Amtech toll tags, are also standard features.

718 Data Converters are also avvailable with an on-board relay. See model 718R.


Conversions   Wiegand to wiegand, alphawie, wieba
    Wiegand to Track 1, Track 2, usb, f2f, wand
    Alpha wiegand to wiegand, alphawie, wieba
    Alpha wiegand to Track 1, Track 2, usb, f2f, wand
    Wieaba to wiegand, alphawie, wieba
    Wieaba to Track 1, Track 2, usb, f2f, wand
    Track 1 to wiegand, alphawie, wieaba
    Track 1 to Track 1, Track 2, usb, f2f, wand
    Track 2 to wiegand, alphawie, wieaba
    Track 2 to Track 1, Track 2, usb, f2f, wand
    Usb serial data to wiegand, alphawie, wieaba
    Usb serial data to Track 1, Track 2, usb, f2f, wand
    Wiegand to Bit dump/Hex dump
    Track 1/2 to Bit dump/Hex dump
    Rs232 to wiegand bit simulator
Preprocessors   Hex conversion preprocessor
    Amtech toll tag conversions
Good Read Beep   Programmable
Temperature   -40c to +85c
Dimensions   2.8" L x 1.6" W x 0.8" H
Weight   1 ounce
Material   Abs
Power   Model 718-5 5Vdc
Model 718C 5-12Vdc
Standard Wiring   Type B Usb connector.
Rj45 with supplied flat cable for wiegand inputs and outputs.
Max Input Bits  

500, max 64 bits per field

Max Output Bits   250, max 64 bits per field
Available Interfaces:   Usb

Programmable by command set or IBC utility software
Firmware Upgradeable
-40c to +85c operation

No Options Available

No Accessories Available

IBC Usb drivers   See software page
IBC Utility Software   716v0199.zip