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Smart Slot Jx

IBC's newest generation barcode reader for connecting to PCs and controllers. The Smart Slot Jx is user programmable and firmware upgradeable, allowing new features to be added in the field.


The Smart Slot Jx is a decoded barcode swipe reader designed to be used in any application which requires the swiping of a barcode from a card, such as employee IDs, temporary badges, and licenses. Since the decoding is internal to the Smart Slot J, no wedge reader or external device is required. These readers are available in a wide array of industry standard interfaces, are programmable, and may be ordered with a variety of options, such as leds, alphanumeric displays, sense inputs, and relays. Perfect for use in Access Control and Time and Attendance applications. The Smart Slot Jx is firmware upgradeable, and can read and process Kronos, Cac, Usid, and Dbids barcodes.

To read 2D and QR codes see the Qscan reader.


Scanning Speed   3-30 ips (7-76 cm/sec)
Scan Direction   bi-directional
Symbologies   Code39, 2/5, I2/5, C128, UPCA, EAN13, Codabar
Resolution   7 mil
Read Height   0.4"(1cm) standard, 0.465" optional
Good Read Beep   programmable
Slot Width   0.050"(1.2mm). Other widths upon special request
Indicators   2 leds (programmable)
Light Source   630nm visible, 940nm infrared
Temperature   -40c to +85c
Dimensions   4.6"L x 2.4"W x 1.4" H (11.6cm x 6cm x 3.5cm)
Weight   6 ounces
Material   black polycarbonate (Noryl optional)
Power   5VDC(150ma), 8-15VDC, or 15-30VDC
Standard Wiring   3' (91cm) cable w/flying leads or connectors depending on interface

30VDC 500ma Form C
12VDC 700ma direct from POE

Sense Inputs   TTL level (minimal current draw)
Available Interfaces:   RS422/485
    ABA (magstripe emulation)
    RS232 wedge
    TTL ascii
    Inverted TTL ascii
    Wand Emulation

Visible or Infrared Optics
-40c to +85c operation
Reads Kronos Cards, Cac cards, Usid cards, Dbids cards

5,12, or 24VDC
0.400" or 0.465" read height
Internal Relay
Sense Inputs
External keypad support
#6 or 3mm mounting
Side or Rear wiring
Noryl (chemical resistant)

Mounting Kit