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Proximity card analyzer and verifier. Instantly read and display the card number from cards with worn off printing.


The Proxcheck can be used to identify and validate your proximity cards and fobs. Proxcheck displays card data in binary, hexadecimal, and numeric formats. The Proxcheck reads Hid, Farpointe, and Awid cards up to 64 bits in size. Proxcheck is useful for field diagnostics, identifyng card styles and formats for system design. Proxcheck is also especially useful for identifying card numbers from cards that are worn, and the number is no longer visible. The Proxcheck can be used as a portable hand-held, or tabletop device. Power is supplied by two AA batteries, usb, or a supplied ac adapter. For the Iclass® version click here.


Proximity Cards Supported   Farpointe, Hid, Awid, up to 64 bits
Read Range   4"

AC Adaptor, USB, or 2 "AA" (portable)

Good Read Beep   Programmable
Indicators   1 status led
Display   2 lines x 16 character display, backlit
Temperature   -40c to +85c
Dimensions   5"L x 5"W x 1" H
Weight   4 ounces
Material   Abs
Standard Wiring   Usb
Available Interfaces:   Usb

-40c to +85c operation
Works as a portable or table top device


No Accessories Available