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About Us


IBC is a leading manufacturer of barcode, magstripe, and proximity equipment with dealers, distributors, and systems in over 60 countries. We started over 25 years ago, supplying software systems, consulting, systems design, and hardware for the Automatic ID industry. In 1990, we changed our focus by adding manufacturing to our business. Today, we manufacture products for numerous industries, including medical, access control, time&attendance, club management, government, vending, parking, and many others.

Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.



IBC - A History of Firsts

1986     IBC started under the name Bar Code Systems, providing automation systems and consulting services to numerous companies in different industries. Bar Code Systems becomes a reseller for Intermec.
1987     Bar Code Systems releases BCSCRIB, the first barcoded tool crib software, which is adopted by most major refineries, petrochems, and Brown&Root for tracking tools. Bar Code Systems becomes a reseller for ISI and Intermec.
1988     BCS changes its name to International Bar Code Systems. IBCFACS asset control tracking software released, adopted by the State of NY and the Library of Congress. IBC becomes a major reseller for Bar Code Industries. IBC introduces the Smart Pen 1; a decoded barcode pen.
1989     IBC designs the first automated barcode sales force , automating the sales forces of Pfizer and Harper&Rowe. IBC becomes Bar Code Industry's largest reseller. IBC introduces the Smart Wedge 1.
1990     IBC introduces the first RS232 barcode swipe reader, the Smart Slot 1.
1991     IBC introduces the MAGBAR, the first combination barcode and magstripe reader. The MAGBAR wins the "Product of the Year" from Automatic ID News Magazine. The Magbar is adopted for use in the taxi systems in Stockholm.
1992     IBC starts an international reseller force. IBC receives the "Exporter of the Year" award from the State of Connecticut.
1995     IBC introduces the first fully contained stand alone series of barcode and magstripe readers for access control. IBC releases the J series.
1996     IBC introduces the Smart Slot P, the first portable barcode swipe reader, which is adopted by farms throughout the country for piece rate and time & attendance data collection.
1998     IBC introduces the DC series, the first portable magnetic stripe data collector, and the 701 converter series, the first data converters devoted to the access control industry. IBC introduces the Virtual Tour which still has them laughing.
2000     IBC introduces the AV series, the first portable age verification device, for verifying ages reading driver's licenses.
2003     IBC introduces the first one-piece tcp/ip barcode and magstripe swipe reader.
2004     IBC introduces the 716, the first programmable universal data converter for the access control industry. IBC releases the Smart Prox series, the first fully contained proximity, barcode, and magstripe swipe reader.
2005     IBC introduces the 8000 controller, the first POE controller which powers readers and locks directly using POE
2007     IBC introduces the 901 fingerprint reader, the first biometric reader to implement multiple interfaces and background downloading in the same unit.
2009     IBC introduces the Jx series readers - combination readers with barcode, magstripe, and 13mhz support for Mifare, Iclass, and PIV-II cards.
2010     IBC introduces the Speakeasy, the first add-on annunciation device for access controllers.
2011     IBC introduces the Proxcheck, the first portable proximity card verifier and analyzer.
2012     IBC Introduces the Qscan 2D barcode reader, the first outdoor 2D reader available with a wiegand interface.
2013     IBC introduces an indoor version of the Qscan 2D reader, the first available reader with 2D barcode reading combined with HID proximity, Iclass, Iclass SE, Iclass SR, and Iclass Seos support.
2014     IBC introduces the Qscan Mini, the first Kiosk and Turnstile embedded 2D reader with wiegand support.
2015     IBC introduces the QscanT, the first embedded turnstile 2D reader with 125K and 13.5Mhz support.
2016     IBC introduces tthe BLE1, the first combination bluetooth and 125K reader with wiegand output.