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Qscan Outdoor 2-D Scanner

Qscan Mini Turnstile and Kiosk Wiegand 12V Imager

Ble1 Bluetooth/Prox Reader

Sproxjx Tri-Technology Reader (barcode / mag / prox)

QscanT Turnstile reader Wiegand 12V Imager with prox and 13.5 Mhz



IBC Product Manuals

The available manuals are all in pdf format. If you cannot view the pdf please download the Acrobat Reader software from Adobe.

Manuals which display "Contact IBC" are either preliminary or not for general release.


Current Manuals



  SA and STA Series

SA and STA Series Readers v7.0

Required for all SA and STA readers. Note that many of the programming commands in the SA and STA series are covered in the "J" manual below.

SA and STA V8.0 are not covered in this manual. V8.0 is an oem product. Contact your reseller for programming information on V8.0 readers.


Qscan Readers V 2.03

User Manual for Qscan, Qscani, Qscan Mini, QscanT.

  STAx Series

STAx Series Readers v1.08

Required for all STAx readers.

  DC Series

Data Collection DC Readers V8.0

Covers all versions of the DC readers. Note that many of the programming commands in the DC readers are covered in the "J" manual above.

  716 V1.99

716 & 718 Converters

Use this manual for both 716 amd 718 convreters.

  Proxcheck / Proxcheck-IC

Proximity / Iclass Card Analyzer and Display

Manual for Version 1.03 of the Proxcheck.

  JX Series

JX Series

Manual for all JX Series readers.

  DCX V2.11

DCX Series

Contact IBC.

  TCP V2.2

TCP Programming for all readers except Versions 3.4 and 4.4

Applies to all versions except versions 3.4 and 4.4.

  TCP Vx.4

TCP Programming for versions 3.4 and 4.4



Portable Proximity Reader

  Spiv Series

Smart PIV

Contact IBC.


Older Manauls

  J Series

"J" Series Readers V3.00

Smart Slot J, Smart Mag J, Magbar J, Smart Prox J
Also required for basic programming commands for all SA and STA readers


RS232 to Wiegand Converter

  J Series 2.11

Version 2.11 of the "J" Series


Smart Slot P

  716 V01.96

Version 1.96 for the 716 Converter

  810 Smart Card 810
  Proxcheck V 1/2 Proxcheck Versions 1 and 2

901 Fingerprint Reader, 902 Enrollment Reader, 903 Fingerprint Reader

Contact IBC.

  For older manuals not listed here Contact IBC.