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Qscan Outdoor 2-D Scanner

Qscan Mini Turnstile and Kiosk Wiegand 12V Imager

Ble1 Bluetooth/Prox Reader

Sproxjx Tri-Technology Reader (barcode / mag / prox)

QscanT Turnstile reader Wiegand 12V Imager with prox and 13.5 Mhz

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase IBC products?


IBC products can be purchased through our distributors, oem channels, and authorized vars. Please visit our sales page for more information.

Product that is marked OEM cannot be purchased through distribution except by qualified oem's. It is only available through those manufacturers and vars that offer the product.

What is the standard lead time on products?
  Standard lead time on most products is 2 to 3 weeks. Orders can be expedited in 1 to 5 business days for a surcharge. Lead time on special order products or oem products will be longer.
What Reader should I select for connecting to a controller?

Most controllers accept wiegand interfaced readers and some controllers also accept Magstripe (ABA) Input and/or RS232. F2f is also an interface used by some older controllers.

We manufacture readers with all of the above mentioned interfaces. It is best to check with your controller manufacturer to see what they support, and if there are any limitations with their interfaces. For example, some controller manufacturers support only 26 bit wiegand. Others support only 5V readers, and not 12V readers. To be sure, check with the manufacturer first and then contact us if you have questions. You can also read our application note about wiegand interfacing.

What is Wiegand?

Wiegand in an interface commonly used with access control controllers. It consists of 2 data lines for the transmission of data.

How long have you been manufacturing readers?

We have been manufacturing readers and other products since 1990. Many of those iniital readers are still operating in the field 26 years later.

What does OEM mean?
  OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM is a company that embeds IBC product into their devices or systems. Some IBC products are available through OEM's only, because they have contracted IBC to provide special equipment for their systems only.
I am an installer and want to purchase product for an existing site. How do I order the product?
  If you are purchasing product for a site which already uses IBC products, it is important to get the serial number and firmware identifier from the unit before calling IBC or a distributor. This helps us identify what the product is and if it is non-standard. If the original product was purchased through a var or OEM, it is possible that product is special and cannot be purchased direct or through distribution. It would have to be purchased through the original var or OEM.
Do you offer Extended Warranties and Support Agreements?

Extended Warranties can be purchased for most products. Extended warranties must be purchased at the time of product purchase. We also offer Support Agreements on a yearly and case basis.